Welcome to our site!

This site is dedicated to research of firmware for existing Pentax DSLR cameras.

We welcome all photographers with programming experience.

Please note that this is fully non-commercial and open project.

Decryption of firmware files - done !.

Good programmers, especially with FR assembler experience are welcome!

Do you have non-working or partially working K10D/GX10/K20D/GX20 body you want to donate? Contact me by email!

Thanks all guys for tools, service software and manuals.


[18 11, 2010]

Added support for K5 firmware decryption to out tool. See Download page.

[09 09, 2009]

Added G1S service manual and software,
available in Download page.

[Aug 28, 2009]

Added GX20 service manual, GX20 1.03 firmware.

Dumps of GX1S and K200D also available in Download page.

[Aug 16, 2009]

Site structure changed. Some results added from Blog and internal documents to corresponding pages.

[Aug 7, 2009]

Added special Blog page to reflect all progress

of firmware research. In latest blog postings you can find how to enable debug mode on most models and even run simple programs on your DSLR.

[Aug 4, 2009]

Firmware decryptor now fully decrypts all parts.

And is able to encrypt firmware back.

[Aug 3, 2009]

Added firmware decryptor to download section.

[July 31, 2009]

Updated Hardware info.

[July 31, 2009]

Added Fujitsu Softune to download section.

Added link to FR disassembler.

[July 29, 2009]

Added GX20 service manual, GX10 service software, service manuals for most older Pentax DSLRs. Go to Download page.

[July 29, 2009]

Added newly released K7 firmware to downloads section.

It uses same encryption as K20D firmware.


About this site


Pentax DSLR cameras are known to be very good performers.

Many also know that Samsung GX10/GX20 are almost the same cameras.

Unfortunately these cameras have many points that need improvement.

Despite being one of the best cameras to work with manual lenses, this area could be improved greatly.

Pentax K10D/K20D and Samsung GX10/GX20 uses same processor and many parts are similar. This could make our work faster.

K7 still use similar platform and the sensor is very similar.

And we have openly released firmware for K7 already.

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